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Supervision of Offshore-Onshore Linked Account
When assets and equity trading go beyond borders, there are usually disagreements on payment time and approach. Therefore, it is necessary to engage a third party to facilitate the transaction by ensuring the capital security and each party’s legitimate rights. 

Product Overview 
The linked accounts supervision service is jointly presented by OBD and CMB domestic branches for offshore buyers and onshore sellers. The service exempts the buyer from shifting fund into China before the contract is executed, while ensuring the buyer has sufficient fund for the transaction, which meanwhile protects the seller’s interests. The service is widely applied to state-owned utilities, infrastructure projects, and enterprises that need to transfer equity to foreign partners. It also meets fund supervision demands for trading equity and assets overseas.

1. The linked account is designated to promote the mutual benefit of the transaction parties. The funds deposited could be easily transferred back to the buyer’s designated account if transaction is ceased. 
2. The service helps complete the transaction by settling disagreements on the payment method and time.
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