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Online Corporate Banking
Product Overview 
The offshore online corporate banking offers comprehensive online services as follows:
A. High-quality service platform
1. Transaction inquiry offers access to offshore account information including account statement, balance and transaction record. Access to details of international banking operations is also available, covering inward L/C, import collection, outward remittance, outward L/C, negotiation of export L/C, export collection, and clean bill collection.
2. Self-service receipt print allows enterprises to print real-time transaction receipts and monthly statements. It also allows business counterparts to verify the receipts online.
3. Online application enables customers to file accounting and settlement applications online without leaving offices.
B. Payment and Settlement Channels
1. Offshore outward remittance enables customers to make payments through the online corporate banking system to individuals or enterprises with CMB accounts or accounts maintained with overseas banks. Other related services include inquiry and cancellation of outward remittance orders.
2. Online offshore L/C service allows customers to prepare L/C issuance/review applications via the online corporate banking system. The applications are submitted directly to CMB online for approval and issuance. The service offers a variety of functions including template tools, flexible setup of internal management processes, transaction process inquiry, and current and historical records.
3. Pay-roll service helps corporate accountants increase efficiency by making multiple payments in a single transaction.
C. Value Added to Capital
1. Self-service FX trading empowers enterprises to trade 9 currencies at 36 conversion rates through the online banking system. The platform connects seamlessly to the global FX markets, and updates prices 24/7 to keep enterprises informed with changes in global FX markets, minimize business risks and reduce transaction costs.
2. Conversion between demand and time deposits and self-service time deposit allow enterprises to freely convert between demand and time deposits, and deposit funds for a fixed term without being restricted by banks’ business hours. This function helps customers lock the capital cost and enjoy higher interest returns.
1. Security: the digital certificate offers multiple modes of online account security management that ensures the security and confidentiality of offshore accounts. 
2. Tailored Service: the customized offshore online banking solutions provide flexible and diverse services tailored to customer demands.  
3. Convenience: the user-friendly interfaces equipped with powerful functions and easy access automatically save frequently used information to improve customer efficiency and minimize discrepancy.   
4. Cross-border Mobility: CMB's offshore banking system provides global financial services to enable customers to make transactions or inquiry anytime anywhere around the globe, operating and monitoring offshore accounts real-time. 
5. Wide Compatibility: the offshore banking system is fully compatible with its onshore counterpart that allows customers to handle both offshore and onshore businesses by a single online banking terminal.

Download the offshore online corporate banking system:

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