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Offshore Shipping Finance
With rapid growth of Chinese economy and its steady increase in international trade, Chinese factors are putting increasing weight on ship and freight prices. Meanwhile, there is a rising number of Chinese ship owners competing in the global market with single-vessel companies registered overseas. As a result, the demands for overseas shipping finance are increasingly urgent.

Product Overview 
1. Ship building finance; 
2. Secondhand/resale ship finance; 
3. Accounts supervision for secondhand ship trading; 
4. Pay-roll service for ship crew; 
5. Centralized cash management for various shipping companies.

1. OBD is the leading provider of international standard ship finance and Chinese-invested offshore vessel finance; 
2. Extensive experience; 
3. Professional team; 
4. Wide coverage of products and services; 
5. One-stop services for Chinese ship owners going global in a collaborated system with inputs of law firms, ship brokers, insurers, ship management agencies and shipbuilders.
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